Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors.

I first wrote Behind clothes doors- accidently and kind of liked how it looked

Simple things can be the key.

Key to happiness, the result of which all see on the outside

When you can’t see me- I turn the key and enter (sigh) home

I guess where we all let it hang out.

When I am home I done oversized tees, tights and ugg boots.

I sip tea, and lots of it.

I wait for my boyfriend to come home and make me smile as we discuss our silly little days and our aspirations. Exhausting each other with our ambitions that we are forced into the assumption another episode of Entourage or Friends will help us fall asleep.

I google the hours away searching fashion blogs for research and gluten free, paleo recipes.

I bake healthy sweet treats for myself and my family, informing them of my latest superfood craze while ensuring them spirulina balls taste amazing!

I rip out pictures to add to my inspiration board, and map out my yoga classes for the week and coffee catch ups with likeminded people.

I look forward to our weekend breakfasts.

I carry with me my water bottle from room to room, almost like a child does with their blanky. If you see my water bottle you know I am not far away.

I hit facebook- obviously. Night check in’s usually see me staring at a friend’s holiday snaps and manifesting my next trip.

I give myself a time when computers are off limits.

I pick new affirmation card every few weeks and read the days quote from my Buddhist wisdom 365 Days book

I read Russh and Vogue Magazine alone in bed and always find at least one article that reminds me and reiterates why I love to work within the industry. I drink more tea.

I watch talents shows even though they only mildly satisfy.

I listen to my love bang on about another youtube clip of Michael Jackson and nag him to get off his phone

We then both go on youtube rampages together.

I allow time to be to quiet and allow myself moments to simply reflect which result in excitement for a new day, adventure and the extremely infectious obsession I have with the unknown.

My future with him looks to be one of joy and it enlivens me.

Our sound track- Will you be there.

This is me- hanging out behind closed doors.


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Raw Avocado chocolate mousse

I decided to whip this one up today after chatting with one of my gf’s about the benefits of raw food treats.

She convinced me to start making my own almond milk at home too- my new favourite daily staple. Almond milk smoothies and cereal are the bomb! I even make my scrambled eggs with almond milk now too.

Anyway..back to avo mousse. There is no need for baking or cooking with this recipe just a food few zaps in the food processor.

I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so having something sugary and treaty on hand is a must. Putting in the extra effort to bake or make something from stratch means I know exactly what I am putting in to my mouth, it is fresh, not processed and still taste delish while giving me added vitamins and protein:)

I have been baking coconut muffins heaps but am tired of them this week…So gave this one a whirl.

I had no agave syrup so had to use raw organic honey but still very healthy.

Mine serves 3- 4 small glass dishes.

Put 1 or 2 I used 1 and half avocado (ripe) in food processor. Blend until smooth. Add about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of raw cocao powder, dash of vanilla extract, pinch of salt and around 1/3 of agave syrup, coconut nectar or organic honey. I put in two big tablespoons of honey- sweet enough.

Blend again in food processor until all smooth and mixed together.

Divide mixture between bowls and chill in fridge for few hours before eating. SO easy and yumo-o!!

Just polished one off for dessert after healthy dinner of greens, beets and protein. Put a little sprinkle of nuts, fruit or choc chips on top if you like.

I added some lactose free yogurt to mine. MMMMMMMM. Low carb, and full of protein. The result is nutty and rich and almost with a coffee flavoured kick to it:)



(adapted recipe from

I am going to try avocado choc smoothie over weekend…Will post if it is a winner:)

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A comeback kid- that I dig

Like most of my fellow female species I to have fallen for Peplum.

There is just something about the figure hugging, flattering fall,  and youthful yet chic angle of this design that makes us all gush…mush and adore.

How on earth does a piece of clothing that pokes out from your hips do wonders for your shape? Perhaps this is the mysterious super power we love about it so much. It just works.

I first discovered it back in March working on a stlying shoot for Salon Melbourne.

The outfits featuring the peplum design gained superior marvels over some of the other outfits and the word suddenly entered my vocab and no how.

Before I was like peplum who now? What outfit did she want?

Now~ some may think it is becoming too over exposed, like a song you once adored but can’t bare to listen to due to over kill air play hhh hrmmmm (Gotye-Somebody I use to know)

With jeans, on a jacket, or of course the ever powerful addition to the bodycon dress.

It is all over the red carpet and splashed through out fashion mags.

I rocked out my latest peplum purchase to an event last weekend in ‘I can feel spring’ watermelon coated top from TopShop

Got a LOAD of compliments from a $40 number…Always the way.

And nope I am not over it…shall be rocking this look with shorts and midi’s come spring time:)


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I am backkkkkkkkk


It has been 2 months since I have posted anything…

I have been inside the world of my new role as editor of fashion magazine Covet.

Now all the deadlines and work load has died down and my first Issue as editor is out tomorrow- I have some more time free to give to my blog:)

I have loved being inside my little bubble of words, emails, ammendments, ideas and endless proof reading. Chilling out and soaking up some new inspiration is so very delicious for my heart and soul right now.

Write now:)

I am inspired by so many labels, new collections, my friends, the changing season, the sunshine, dip dying, neon colours, crisp whites, gold, my boyfriend, cooking and baking raw and sugar free/gluten free food and the creative inside my brain that is on constant rotation.

Swithing off can be a fine art at times, but I give myself some ‘me’ time make a rooibos tea, grab a Rushh mag, Vogue or my book (currently reading Sing your way Home) and take a breathe.

Speaking of- yoga is my little angel at the moment- helping me realise more of my potenital, making me feel freeer, looser and taller and becoming more of a lifstyle than work our regime.

Could quite possibly be a career angle too (stay tuned) Namaste. Fellow Melbournians you simly must practice a class or 20 at Hot Box yoga in Chapel St- Divine….

For now I am happy working out- working hard- showing love for my body, my mind, family and my man- Fashion, food, writing and just BEING.

Let us talk some fashion now huh.

I will post link to COVET Magazine tomorrow- once we are up and out 🙂



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Freaky Friday

Liu Wen On the Cover of U+Weekly

Was thinking I should  post this pic simply because it is RAD…now I have to after what just happened..

I discovered this GORGEOUS outfit on a styling blog while cruising and saved it on to my desktop….5 mins later I received a text from my bf of this picture!

Honest to god! (Sean can vouch for me)

My response ~

“Why did you just send me this pic! I just saw it and liked it online? I love it!”


“I thought it screamed my doll”

WEIRD! Out of all the pics!..

It is either awesomely romanctic that we are so in tune or  creepy and my bf has some device that tracks what I am doing online..

I choose to go with the romantic one:)

Any who sharing, loving GO Liu Wen.  I would do all sorts to get my hands on this jumper!

This oh classic chic mixed with a modern flare, the craze of citrus and florescent infused with beading and elegance. The skirt causes my heart to flutter, and is bang on with the flower print trend- a styling dream this get up.

Wen is wearing Givenchy, need I say more?!

Brilliant. Think I will start stalking this chicky babe’s style some more…

Ah We are so Nysnc- my Justin Timberlake.

PS. Have you heard my man sing? He sounds just like JT mmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xx

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Low carb brekky banana pancakes

So I worked from home on Monday which allowed me the ever appriciated time to do a little breakie cook up!

I went to the gym excited to return home and make these bad boys!

I had read a recipe in a magazine some celeb was favouring for low carb banana pancakes and just made it up from memory.

I figured since it was just me eating I would use one egg and 1 egg white- this could have feed two but hey I was hunger and it was damn good! The pic is just of one pancake, (I ate them one at a time) the texture was a bit eggy (suprise suprise) but YUM I smashed them.

Of course gluten free, full of protein, and something a bit different…we like that!

Here is how it goes.

I made for one but just double for 2 or more..

You will need:

1 egg and 1 eggwhite, a slash of almond milk, tablespoon of cinnamon, (or more) 1 mashed very ripe banana, honey, coconut oil or nutalex for cooking.

Mash your banana in a bowl then stir in honey. Add the egg and egg white and whisk. Add splash or so of almond milk and some cinnamon to sweeten. I used quite a bit as I loveeeee cinnamon and its good for you too.

 Heat a fry pan and dollop a spoonful of butter or coconut oil- I used coconut oil.

Spoonful the mixture into pan.

NOte: my mixture was really runny as I added milk(and there is no flour) but just keep catching the sides with your spatula.

Cook both sides for 4 or 5 mins I just waiting until mixture browned and seemed to set a little. Then flipped few times.

Serve with fresh berries, drizzle with organic honey or maple syrup and a GENEROUS spoonful or 3 or yoghurt.

I used vanilla Jalna yoghurt. YUMMMMM!!!

No flour makes it gluten and guilt free, low carb… and the eggs and almond milk pack some protein-  was SO good after my workout

Awesome one to whip up on wkend for you and your beloved’s



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Well played

This is a powerful outfit if I have ever seen one.

Rhianna is wearing lambskin jacket and skirt by Versace, Jean Paul Gauilter bra not so hot on the whole lambskin thing, I am a FAUX gal, but hey this is smokin


I LOVE this outfit- rocking.














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